Corona Virus Update

The Shop is open again, gaming is allowed in store but gamers are asked to contact us in advance to arrange use of a table. We have reinstated a late night opening on thursdays but only if tables have been booked in advance.
All the stock levels on this website have been set to live which means that if a product appears on this website then it is in stock.
Please feel free to contact us with any questions you might have.

Omega Games is a community driven wargaming store in the heart of Lowestoft.  Located on Gordon Road, near the bus station, Omega Games stocks a variety of miniature wargames and Boardgames as well as providing gaming space for lowestofts gaming community.

In addition to the physical store most of our products are available online on this very website and we offer DISCOUNTS on all our lines (see below).

We are currently unable to offer international postage.

Current Discount Rates:

All Games Workshop Products 15% off RRP
Star Wars Legion 15% off RRP
Rumbleslam 20% off RRP
Bolt Action 15% off RRP
Malifaux 3e 15% off RRP

Please be aware that items which are ‘available on backorder’ will take time to arrive in stock and may result in orders being delayed (All stock is currently live due to limited supplies being available in the coronavirus lockdown).  Most items will take less than a week to arrive but if they are out of stock this period could be longer.